Assistance Needed for a Research Study

Dr. Alicia M. Yochum is recruiting 25 participants for her research study investigating the relationship of altered biomechanics (pronation) to bone marrow edema and pain in the joints of the lower extremity, the sacroiliac joints and the joints of the lower lumbar spine. 

Students will receive $100 for their time, extra credit in various classes and two educational DVDs at the completion of the study. A sign-up sheet is available in the Department of Radiology, and the first 12 females and 13 males to qualify will be included in the study. You must be between 20-30 years old, have a normal BMI and be willing to restrict running to 10 miles/week. This study will last a total of six weeks (four weeks in pronation and two weeks for follow up.  Please contact Dr. Yochum in the radiology department at 636-230-1834 or

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