Logan University Opens Chiropractic Clinic at Paraquad

Logan University has opened a part-time clinic at Paraquad, a non-profit community health and wellness resource in St. Louis that helps people with disabilities live more independently and actively participate in their communities. 

This collaborative partnership between Logan University and Paraquad places Logan students in an integrated health care environment, working alongside physical and occupational therapists. As part of Paraquad’s Health & Wellness Program, the clinic allows Logan students to provide hands-on chiropractic treatment while learning from other health care professionals about patient care.

"Paraquad is as much a place to help participants learn to adapt to their environments as it is a place for Logan students to learn the benefits of working in an integrated health care setting,” said Dr. Dana Underkoefler- Mercer, associate professor in Logan’s Chiropractic Science and Clinical Science divisions. “We look forward to expanding our presence here, as Paraquad makes plans for a larger space to house the Health & Wellness Program."
Logan President Dr. Clay McDonald said Logan’s involvement at Paraquad is helping place Logan and its graduates at the forefront of integrated health care education and health care delivery.

“When we connect out students with participants at facilities like Paraquad, where they work in partnership with a health care team on complex cases, we’re giving them an opportunity to greatly impact a person’s life,” McDonald said. “This level of learning us critical for preparing students for the modern health care system.” 

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