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Clubs & Organizations

Some of the most important events in your college life take place outside the classroom. With more than 20 student clubs and organizations on campus, you have unlimited ways to serve the community or those in need, explore new interests, sharpen your competitive edge or just be part of something that's important to you.

Whether you want to serve or lead, there's a group or organization that needs you. Student organizations are created and run by students with support from the Student Affairs Office and the Student Doctors' Council.

Student Clubs Final Acceptance

Logan University's Disc Golf Course

Student Government:
Student Doctors' Council

Greek Clubs
Logan University has four Greek Clubs: Chi Rho Sigma, Lambda Kappa Chi, Omega Sigma Phi and Pi Kappa Chi. Students who are interested in these Clubs should attend Club Day or contact the SDC for additional information.


Club Advisor Meeting Time Meeting Location
Basketball - Men's Powell Varies Off campus
Hockey Montgomery Sunday - Time varies Off campus
Soccer Powell Tue (4-5:30pm) & Fri (3-5pm) Multipurpose Field
Specialty Groups

Club Advisor Meeting Time Meeting Location
Activator Carpenter Tue (11:05am-11:55am) G50
AK Conable Tue & Fri (11:05am-12:55pm) SB11
ART Kuhn Wed (11:05am-11:55am) G48
Chiropractor's for Christ  DeGeer  Wed (11:05am-11:55am)  G102 
Family Wellness Unger-Boyd Thur (11:05am-11:55am) 156B
Gonstead Cranwell Tue (11:05am-11:55am) G45
Latter Day Saints  Haun Mon (11:05am-11:55am) G107
Launch  Cranwell  Fri (11:05am-11:55am)  156B
Logan United  Clifford  Wed (11:05am-11:55am)  G107
MPI Winchester Thur (11:05am-11:55am) 142A
Neurology  Kamper  Wed (11:05-11:55am)  G49 
Nutrition  Lewandoski  Wed (11:05am-11:55am)  142A 
Philosophy Montgomery Wed (5pm-7pm) 142A
Rehab 2 Performance George Mon (11:05am-11:55am) 156A
SABCA Gereau Thur (11:05am-11:55am) 156A
SACA Guebert Fri (11:05am-11:55am) 156A
SOT Unger-Boyd  Wed (11:05am-11:55am) SB9
Sports Council Parish Mon (11:05am-11:55am)
Torque Release Technique  Gereau  Tue (11:05am-11:55am)  142A 

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