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MOBIUS - Missouri Bibliographic Information User System

MOBIUS is a consortium of over 60 college, university and public libraries in the state of Missouri. The network provides Internet access to the online catalogs of each of the libraries. This online catalog contains over 20 million items held by the libraries. Through MOBIUS, Logan students, faculty and staff can borrow books, directly or online, from any of the participating libraries. A statewide courier service picks up and delivers requested books five days a week, insuring prompt service. This is a free program. Welcome to MOBIUS (PDF).

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Additionally, but separate from MOBIUS, an efficient interlibrary loan program offers Logan patrons access to books, within and beyond Missouri libraries, and photocopies of articles that are not available in the Logan collection. Request forms are available at the Circulation desk or may be submitted online below.  Limit ten per business day for students.


Journal Article Request Form (Online)

Book Request Form (Online)

Journal Article & Book Request Form (PDF)

Faculty, Staff & Administration

Journal Article Request Form (Online)

Book Request Form (Online)

Journal Article & Book Request Form (PDF)

Alumni, Field Doctors and Other Patrons

Please see our Resources for Alumni and Field Doctors page for details on requesting journal articles.  Please contact your local library to request books.

Purchase Recommendation of Library Materials

The Library welcomes suggestions for the acquisition of materials, which support the mission of Logan University and the Learning Resources Center. Depending on the nature of the request, purchase suggestions may be reviewed by the LRC Review Committee in light of the library’s collection development policies and budget allowance. You will receive a follow up regarding the status of your request by email.

Before submitting a request, please check the catalog to determine whether the material you want is already owned by the library.

Purchase Recommendation Form (Online)

Purchase Recommendation Form (PDF)