In Touch is a bibliography of citations of interest that is produced around four times a year by the Logan University Library. This bibliography contains the reference for 30-50 journal articles published recently in various health related journals. Some of the journals frequently referenced include: Spine, JMPT, Clinical Journal of Pain, Annals of Internal Medicine, JAMA, Spine Journal, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Journal, and more. Subject categories frequently include: low back pain, spinal manipulation, sport medicine and rehabilitation, nutrition, neck pain, public health, and many more.

Current Issue

November 2016

Also visit the inTouch guide to recent research articles, categorized by subject.

Editor:  Sheryl Walters, MLS
Reviewers:  Robert T. Davidson, PhD; Dennis Enix, DC, MBA, Daniel Haun, DC, DACBR; Norman Kettner, DC, DACBR
Distributor: Jean Blue

Photocopies of articles cited in InTouch may be ordered for a processing fee of $8.00/each for alumni or $10.00/each for non-alumni .  We require a check or credit card information prior to providing off-campus / research services. Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express only. Prices are subject to change. Order articles by, fax 636-207-2448, or phone 800-782-3344 / 636-227-2100.

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Links to abstracts in PubMed, when available, are included in the PDF files below.  Current Logan students, faculty and staff have access to full-text without charge.  See instructions at the end of this page.


2016 Vol 24, No 1 March Vol 24, No 2 May Vol 24, No 3 July Vol 24, No 4 November
2015 Vol 23, No 1 February Vol 23, No 2 April Vol 23, No 3 July Vol 23, No 4 September Vol 23, No 5 December
2014 Vol 22, No 1 January Vol 22, No 2 April Vol 22, No 3 July Vol 22, No 4 October Vol 22, No 5 December
2013 Vol 21, No 1 February Vol 21, No 2 April Vol 21, No 3 June Vol 21, No 4 September
2012 Vol 20, No 1 January Vol 20, No 2 April Vol 20, No 3 July Vol 20, No 4 September Vol 20, No 5 November
2011 Vol 19, No 1 March Vol 19, No 2 June Vol 19, No 3 September
2010 Vol 18, No 1 March Vol 18, No 2 June Vol 18, No 3 September Vol 18, No 4 December

Accessing full-text for Logan users - Access full-text by opening PubMed in a separate window. This will trigger Logan's holdings and provide links to the full-text.  If you are off-campus or using wireless, when prompted, login with your Logan email credentials.  If the abstract leads to a publisher's site instead of PubMed, use the Journal Holdings List to look up the journal and then the article.  For additional assistance, please contact