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Intro to the LRC

The LRC houses the Library, the Computer Lab, and the Idea Room, and is centrally located on the first floor of the Administration Center. 

Renovated in 2004, the LRC provides a collection of approximately 12,000 volumes of books and over 120,000 eBooks.  The LRC also includes print and/or electronic access to over 80 individual journal subscriptions, nearly 30 online citation databases providing access to 27,900 electronic journals, many of them full-text, and almost 1,500 items in the media collection. In addition, an outstanding collection of over 700 natural and synthetic bones, models, and laminated charts are available. Publications from state and other chiropractic organizations and associations are also included in the collection. To help library patrons use these resources, the LRC provides access to over 60 web-based research guides that provide research assistance by subject.

The mission of the Learning Resources Center is to provide resources and services that support the institution’s needs including student learning, effective teaching, in addition to research, and patient care according to the mission and the vision of Logan University.  

The library is an active member of the Missouri Bibliographic Information User System (MOBIUS). The network is comprised of over 70 college, university and public libraries in the state of Missouri, and provides Internet access to the online catalogs of each of the libraries. Through MOBIUS, Logan students and faculty/staff can borrow books from any of the participating libraries. Logan patrons have the capability of checking their library account, placing holds, and renewing materials via the Logan online catalog. The catalog is accessible from any Internet computer, on or off campus.  Additionally, but separate from MOBIUS and Logan’s local catalog, an efficient interlibrary loan program offers members of the Logan community access to books, within and beyond Missouri libraries, and photocopies of articles that are not available in the Logan collection.

Group and individual study facilities are available, including separate rooms furnished with computers and media equipment. Two rooms are designed to accommodate gross anatomy students and others who wish to utilize the various anatomical models and charts. Also featured is a spacious reading area allowing individuals a location to peruse the current journals issues and read in a more relaxed environment.

Computer Laboratory

The Student Computer Lab, with more than 80 computer workstations located on both floors of the LRC, offers both wired and wireless Internet access and a variety of software programs including: 

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; PowerDVD, FoodWise, Nutrition Spreadsheet, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and SmartCloud EMR.

Each computer links to library resources. Other selected computers provide access to SmartCloud and DietMaster Pro. In addition to these applications, two DVD-Roms, Primal Pictures Interactive Functional Anatomy and Primal 3D Interactive Series Complete Human Anatomy are available for use in the LRC.  Seven high speed printers are available to meet your printing needs. 

Library staff members are available for research assistance. Research and general assistance are available in person and by phone, email, or chat. Computer Lab attendants are stationed in the Computer Lab to assist with computer and printer/copier questions and problems.

EMR Descriptions

SmartCloud by Future Health is EHR and practice management software specifically for chiropractors. SmartCloud is installed in the computer lab loft area to allow students to practice through a software learning system that includes patient files, clinic set-up, adding new patients, scheduling appointments, adding history and practicing the workflow for patients.

Assessment Software

OtoSim, an ear simulator that will increase student’s knowledge-base of ear pathologies and otoscopic technique, is available in the LRC. The realistic earform and canal provide the opportunity to visualize over 200 normal and abnormal high resolution images of the middle ear and external auditory canal. Detailed text allows individuals to read a description of the conditions through a self-guided tutorial. OtoSim is also available at your library computer lab on computers 7 and 8 in area one. 

Nutrition Software Description

DietMaster Pro – a professional weight management and nutrition software designed to aid those practicing to become weight management consultants. DietMaster Pro is able to produce Registered Dietitian designed meal plans and grocery lists within minutes, create meal plans from scratch, as well as track weight control goals and produce nutritional assessments. Find this on computers 2, 3, and 5 in area one of the computer lab.

General LRC Information

1. Dress in the LRC must conform to the Dress Code in the Student Handbook.
2. Food, coolers, smoking, and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in the LRC.
3. Cell phones should be turned to silent and conversations should be taken outside the LRC.
4. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Please respect the needs of those studying around you.
5. In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study, individuals are discouraged from bringing children aged six or under into the LRC.
6. Copyright Law prohibits unauthorized copying/duplicating/format changing of A-V materials.
7. Personal items are the responsibility of the owner. Students are encouraged to secure such items in their lockers. LRC personnel are not responsible for personal items brought into the LRC.
8. Safety and fire regulations forbid lingering or sitting on the staircase.
9. Animals, with the exception of trained assistance or guide dogs, are not allowed in the LRC.
10. Running, skating, and activities that may be deemed reckless are prohibited in the LRC.
11. Bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, and scooters (except to aid those with a disability) are not allowed in the LRC.
12. Posters/flyers may not be attached to LRC windows, walls or furnishings, internally or externally, nor distributed within the facility unless authorized by the Director of the LRC.
13. The LRC does not cash checks. Change, up to $20.00, is available at the Circulation Desk.
14. LRC rules are designed to promote an atmosphere conducive to learning and research and to protect individuals and collections. 

Student Computer Lab

Priority use of the Student Computer Lab computers is given to students working on class projects, reports, and research. To ensure that the computers are working properly and available for student educational needs, Logan does not allow the following: 
• Downloading programs from the Internet 
• Installing software
• Game Playing 
• Violation of copyright laws, including resale of programs/materials 
• Exploring of system files on either the server or the local systems 
• Viewing or sending pornography or obscene materials of any kind 
• Replacement of the wallpaper, screensavers, or backgrounds 
• Deleting files or folders, other than from the student’s own disk 
• Saving files to the computer hard drive. All files should be saved to the student’s own disks 
• The use of computer lab workstations by children, aged 12 and under 
Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, as defined in the Student Handbook.

Location and Hours

To view a calendar of the LRC's operating hours, please click here

Policies and Fines

The LRC services the needs of Logan students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, practicing doctors, and other members of the community in need of library services.  Students, faculty, staff, and administration have full access to the Logan catalog, databases, and services offered by the LRC.  Please also visit our policies pages for faculty/staff and alumni/field doctors.

A valid Logan or government issued ID is required for all circulation transactions.  All users are responsible for fines, fees, and replacement costs for overdue, lost, or damaged materials.

Books, Journals, and Media are renewable online or in person, unless the item is on hold for another patron. 

Loan Periods

Books & Journals

14 Day Loan Period 
Fines are $.10 per day (first five days), $.25 per day (after five days), 
$1.00 per day (when item has been recalled).


7 Day Loan Period 
Fines are $2.50 per day.

Bones & Models

Due next school day morning by 9:00am. 
Bones & Models are not renewable online but may presented in person for renewal.
Fines are $1.00 per hour, or fraction of an hour, per item, $5.00 per day maximum.

iPads & Chargers

Due by library close on the same day.
 iPad fines are $25.00 per day, each item. 
Chargers are $5.00  per day, each item.


Library Use Only 
Fines are $25.00 per item upon removal from LRC, plus $25.00 each day.


Library Use Only

Damaged and Lost Materials

Damaged/lost materials should be reported promptly.  Replacement charges are assessed at the current list price of the library-preferred edition, as determined by the library, plus a $10/item processing fee.  Upon payment, lost items will be considered property of the borrower.

Donation Policy

Books and media will be accepted for donation to the Logan University LRC.  All materials will be evaluated for inclusion in either the circulating or archival collections.  Any material not accepted will be offered to students, faculty, and staff.  Only select media will be accepted.  The LRC no longer acquires cassettes or VHS tapes and these will not be accepted as donations.  Papers, photographs, and documents relating to Logan history or graduates will be evaluated for inclusion in the Logan Archives.  No realia (e.g. adjusting tables, plaques, chiropractic instruments, etc.) will be accepted into the archives.  All items become the property of Logan University and no items will be returned to the donor.  For further questions, please contact Logan Cataloger/Archivist. 

Reference Services 

LRC faculty offers a variety of services to meet the informational and instructional needs of library users. The reference librarian will provide general information concerning the library's resources, collections, and services, as well as specific aid in clarifying queries and locating information, by: assisting users in finding information, in learning how to locate information on their own, in providing a fee-based literature search service for patrons who do not have access to Logan’s resources.