David Beavers, DC, MEd, MPH David Beavers, DC, MEd, MPH
Email: David.Beavers@logan.edu

David Beavers, DC, MEd, MPH, received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1990 from Logan and has practiced full-time since then. He also holds a Masters of Education from the University of Arkansas and a Masters of Public Health from Saint Louis University.  He has worked as director of a university faculty service center, state department of education program director, educational research at a medical school, and teaching at the graduate level. He has worked on several research studies, serving as co-investigator or principal investigator. Also he currently teaches at Logan and is an adjunct faculty member at the College for Public Health and Social Justice of Saint Louis University and serves as an editorial reviewer for a major textbook publisher and a major professional chiropractic journal.

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