National Board Exams Information

The only items you will be allowed to bring into the testing area are your two forms of identification and a car key.

For exam security reasons, the NBCE does NOT allow any other items into the testing area, including, but not limited to, the following:
- Cell phones
- Remote keyless entry devices for vehicles
- Watches/Bracelets
- Food/Drinks/Water/Gum
- Lip balm of any kind
- Writing instruments
- Reading materials
- Jackets / Hooded sweatshirts with pockets
- Hats
- Backpacks

Strategic Planning Excellence

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Wittmer, Dr. Barry Wiese and Ms. Laura McLaughlin for being appointed and taking on the responsibility of Missouri Quality Award Examiners.

Congratulations to Dr. Boyd Bradshaw and his enrollment management team for being the first to present a final strategic plan and to Dr. Brad Hough and his technology and media team for producing the “finest” scorecard submission.