The Tower - Summer 2015

The Summer 2015 Tower is out now!

This edition includes a look at Logan's Board of Trustees, Career Development, Logan's partnership with Boeing and much more!

InTouch - July 2015

The July 2015 issue of InTouch has been posted on the Logan website.

This issue has the following subjects: low back pain, manual therapy, sport medicine, nutrition and more.

InTouch is a bibliography of citations of interest that is produced four times a year by the Logan University Library. This bibliography contains the reference for 40-60 journal articles published recently in various health related journals. Some of the journals frequently referenced include: Spine, JMPT, Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine, American Journal of Orthopedics, Neurology, Radiology, Lancet, Nutritional Perspectives, and Clinical Biomechanics.

Fredbird Visits Logan University

Mr. Logan Competition and Pineapple Fest - July 10th

Students! The Mr. Logan competition and Pineapple Fest is Friday, July 10th beginning at 6:00pm.

Mr. Logan 2015
Watch Logan's finest compete for Mr. Logan and Best Posture at 6pm at the Loomis Amphitheater located behind the Purser Center. Bring your cash to vote for People's Choice and 50% of each contestant's People's Choice cash goes to their Tri and 50% goes to help Eric Burns.

Attend and get a cup for Pineapple Fest plus be entered into a drawing for a cooler full of goodies!

Pineapple Fest
Immediately following the Mr. Logan contest, come to the Pavilion for more food and fun! There will be music, games and lots to eat. Food and drinks will be supplied by the SDC. Put on your lei, bring your Mr. Logan Pineapple Fest cup and have some fun!

Logan Graduates are Building Health and Giving Hope Around the Globe

Building health, giving hope-a notion reflective of chiropractic at its core is also the foundation of Encompass Nutrients, a supplement company founded in 2013 by August 1986 Logan alumnus, Terrance Waggoner, DC.

Since its inception in 2013, Encompass has expanded upon this concept in a big way, giving hope to thousands across the world. Through his three offices in northern Indiana, Dr. Waggoner has helped many patients through chiropractic care. It wasn’t until one patient complained about the cost and hassle of taking multiple supplements at once, however, that an idea was born. 

Just three days after the complaint, Dr. Waggoner’s company had a tax ID and a name: Encompass Nutrients. Each softgel product would contain 19 vitamins and minerals, probiotics, omega-3 fish oil and supergreens. The catch? The company would only see 20 percent of its own profits. The remaining 80 percent would be donated to help eradicate the orphan crisis across the world.
Growing up in a family that hosted foster children, one of whom became his adopted sister, Dr. Waggoner always harbored the desire to adopt a child. After having five children of their own, he and his wife decided to act upon the mutual desire that remained in their hearts. After learning that the greatest need for adoption existed in Ethiopia, Dr. Waggoner and his wife decided to adopt. Two years later, they traveled to the country to meet and bring home their 9-month-old daughter, Anna (who is now 5).

Most of the orphans there have never taken a bath,” said Dr. Waggoner. “They live in mud-floor houses and have just one outfit they wear every day. They usually end up with disease or sickness.” After seeing the conditions and reading a book that discussed living life with a purpose, he felt compelled to do something.

Dr. Waggoner revisits Ethiopia once a year, bringing one of his children each time to provide them with a firsthand look at the conditions their business is helping to eradicate. Encompass Nutrients now supports orphan programs, sponsors children on a monthly basis and helps individual families adopt children of their own; its impact spreads through Ethiopia, India, Thailand, Honduras and the United States. With a one-time donation, Encompass has even helped rescue three sex-trafficking victims through the organization Destiny Rescue. 

A large portion of the company’s efforts are in conjunction with Lifesong for Orphans, an organization that, among other initiatives, builds schools for orphans in places of need. Lifesong School in Ethiopia enrolled 100 students upon opening in 2011; now, 1,100 students attend the school—thanks, in part, to Encompass’ contributions. The ultimate goal of Encompass Nutrients is to eventually reach $1 million in sales each month and eradicate the orphan crisis in the world.

Also a member of Encompass Nutrients’ Board of Directors is Dr. Waggoner’s son, Chase Waggoner, who is a Trimester 9 student at Logan. He produced much of the research for the Encompass products.

“I’ve always been inspired to help people better their health and nutrition,” said Chase. Growing up in a family of chiropractors helped instill his desire to enter the profession.

“After seeing a woman unable to walk at my dad’s office, and then leave saying she ‘felt like she could dance,’ I knew I was going to be a chiropractor,” he said. A trip to Ethiopia with his dad in 2011 only furthered his passion. “The ratio of orphans to caregiver at the orphanage in Ethiopia is 23 to one; the kids have actually stopped crying for help. Our needs are nothing compared to theirs.”

Chase helped make Encompass’ products available in the Logan University bookstore. Upon graduation, he will become more involved with Encompass in addition to joining his father’s practice in Indiana. He feels well-equipped for the work ahead of him—and he credits Logan for that. 

“Logan definitely taught me a lot about essential vitamins and minerals and gave me the foundation I needed to help develop the Encompass products,” he said. Dr. Waggoner also acknowledged Logan as critical to his success. “Logan is definitely the best chiropractic school out there,” he said. “I loved my education and the way they run the clinics and education.”

Lunch On Us - July 23rd

There is such a thing as a free lunch…at least, once a year on the Logan campus! The 9th Annual “Lunch on Us” will be held on Thursday, July 23rd from 11am-1pm in the Logan Café. The menu includes: hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, mostaccioli, salad, Ted Drewes frozen custard, iced tea, soda and bottled water. Better yet, Dr. Clay McDonald, will serve lunch, assisted by other Logan senior administrators.