Logan Graduate Providing Chiropractic Care to St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Blues

Dr. Mike Murphy, a December 1995 Logan graduate, was recently featured in a story from KSDK News Channel 5 highlighting the evolving medical care being offered by teams in the NFL and the NHL. Dr. Murphy serves as the team chiropractor of both the St. Louis Rams and the St. Louis Blues. Players credit his treatments in allowing them to recover quicker from aches and pains and perform better and longer.

Post Graduate/Alumni Development Announcements

Dr. Ralph Barrale is pleased to make several announcements regarding the Post Graduate/Alumni Development Department:
Recently, Emily Ratliff was promoted to Director of Events and now reports to Dr. Barrale. 
Effective January 5, 2015, Barb Cronin who is an Executive Secretary will be promoted to Director of the Alumni and Friends House. In addition, Patty Sierminski, an Office Assistant, will be promoted to Administrative Assistant. 

Congratulations to Emily, Barb and Patty!

                  Emily Ratliff                               Barb Cronin                              Patty Sierminski

Holiday Hours for Campus Resources

Below are the special Holiday hours for the various resources on campus.

Wellness Center
December 22nd and 23rd: 11:00am - 3:00pm
December 24th - 26th: Closed
December 29th - 31st: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Regular hours resume on January 5th.

December 24th - 27th: Closed
December 29th and 30th: Closed for inventory
January 1st - 3rd: Closed

Outpatient Health Centers
December 24th and 25th: Closed
December 31st and January 1st: Closed

Learning Resources Center
December 20th and 21st: Closed
December 22nd and 23rd: 11:00am - 3:00pm
December 24th - 28th: Closed
December 29th - 31st: 11:00am - 3:00pm
January 1st - 4th: Closed

Regular hours resume on January 5th.

Campus Dining
December 19th through January 5th: Closed

Academic Advising Schedule Through January 8th

In order to better serve students, specific times and days have been scheduled for academic advisors to be available to help students prepare class schedules for the 2015 Spring Trimester. Students requiring a master’s, bachelor's or mixed DC schedule must make an appointment with their advisor to register for classes. 

You may schedule an appointment by signing the posted sign-up sheet on your advisor’s office door or by emailing or calling your advisor. Appointment availability is dependent upon faculty member’s academic obligations.

Institutional Research & Clinic Leadership Announcements

Dr. McDonald is pleased to make several organizational announcements that complement our strategic plan and will take Logan to the next level.

Institutional Research
Effective January 5, 2015 the Institutional Research department and all personnel will report to Laura McLaughlin, General Counsel and Vice President, Strategic Performance. In organizations such as Logan, Human Resources and Institutional Research are typically structured under the Vice President responsible for continuous quality improvement. The Institutional Research department will be responsible for all relevant University data and include key areas of data for strategic planning, Academic Affairs and accreditation, federal and state regulatory bodies, etc. 

Clinic Leadership 
Effective January 5, 2015, the Clinic Leadership team will be restructured. These changes will allow for a rapid alignment with our strategic plan and upcoming reaffirmation of accreditation, including enhanced student assessment, evolution to doctor-driven clinics and expansion of integrated clinical opportunities. This restructuring includes:
Dr. Muriel Perillat will be named as Dean of Clinics and as such, be a member of the President’s Cabinet and will lead the clinic team.
Dr. Michael Wittmer will be named Director of the Logan Health Centers and be responsible for our traditional fee for service outpatient health centers: Montgomery, Southfield, Bogey and 79 Crossing.
Dr. Barry Wiese will be named Director of Integrated Clinics and be responsible for the community clinics located within: Adult Rehabilitation Center, CHIPS, Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Centers, Paraquad, Scott Air Force Base, St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center and St. Patrick Center. 
Dr. Gene Spilker will be named the Director of the Student Health Center.
Drs. David Beavers, Marty Kaeser, Norman Kettner and David Parish will continue in their current roles. 

Each director is responsible for continued growth and evolution of their respective areas. 
Congratulations to everyone in their new roles!