Fun Facts About the New Tri 1 Class

Logan University recently welcomed 124 new Tri 1 students to campus. 
Here are some fun facts about Logan's 184th class:

2 Countries
Two students from the new class are from Canada while the rest come to Logan from all over the United States. 

24 States
A total of 24 states are represented by the new class:
Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Bachelor's Degrees
75% of the incoming students have a Bachelor's Degree.

Master's Degrees
Two students have a Master's Degree.

Five students arrived at Logan as participants in our 3+3 program with their home institution.

The Class of Multiple Names
Classes should be interesting considering how many Tri 1 students share a name with a fellow classmate.
We have...
5 Kevins
5 Michaels
4 Christophers
3 Nicoles
3 Erics
3 Kyles
3 Victorias

Welcome to Logan!

Dr. James Paine Recognized by the St. Louis American Foundation

The St. Louis American Foundation will honor eight Excellence in Education awardees at its 27th annual Salute to Excellence in Education Gala. One of those recipients is Dr. James Paine, Dean of Student Services at Logan.

These awards are given to individual educators for their remarkable success in empowering the lives of our youth. They are our unsung community heroes who meet the challenges of teaching and make a positive difference in the lives of our young people.

Congratulations, Dr. Paine!

National Board Exams Information

The only items you will be allowed to bring into the testing area are your two forms of identification and a car key.

For exam security reasons, the NBCE does NOT allow any other items into the testing area, including, but not limited to, the following:
- Cell phones
- Remote keyless entry devices for vehicles
- Watches/Bracelets
- Food/Drinks/Water/Gum
- Lip balm of any kind
- Writing instruments
- Reading materials
- Jackets / Hooded sweatshirts with pockets
- Hats
- Backpacks

Strategic Planning Excellence

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Wittmer, Dr. Barry Wiese and Ms. Laura McLaughlin for being appointed and taking on the responsibility of Missouri Quality Award Examiners.

Congratulations to Dr. Boyd Bradshaw and his enrollment management team for being the first to present a final strategic plan and to Dr. Brad Hough and his technology and media team for producing the “finest” scorecard submission.