Congratulations 2015 Scholarship Winners!

At the State of the University Address & Scholarship Awards Luncheon, over $106,000 in scholarships were awarded to Logan students. This year’s scholarship award recipients include:

B. E. Doyle Scholarship ($750) 
David Todd Hakanson
Marc Nelson

Beatrice B. Hagen, DC Scholarship ($500) 
David Mann

Chi Rho Sigma – Dr. Lee Juhan Memorial Scholarship ($500) 
Daniel Michael

Chi Rho Sigma – Drs. Arthur & Violet M. Nickson Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Kathryn Wagner

Dr. Arthur L. McAuliffe Scholarship ($1,500) 
Timothy Sullivan

Dr. Eugene Mikus Scholarship ($4,500) 
Samantha Brooke Wideman

Dr. Faye Eagles Scholarship ($1,000) 
Kathryn Wagner

Dr. Gordon Heuser Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) 
Mercedes Dunn

Dr. Lori Bents Scholarship ($500) 
Megan Osladil

Dr. Thomas E. Speer Scholarship ($5,000) 
David Mann

Dr. William Purser Chiropractic Excellence Scholarship ($50,000)
Kate Cline

Dr. William M. Harris Scholarship ($1,000) 
Monique White

Foot Levelers, INC. Scholarship ($1,000) 
Ryan Cahall

Friend of Logan Scholarship ($3,000) 
Victoria Gregory
Monique White

Howard S. Grossman, DC Scholarship ($2,500) 
Tember Hursh
Jennifer Kim

Jon Cromer Memorial Scholarship ($1,500) 
Chloe Tillman

Michigan Chiropractic Foundation Fund Scholarship ($1,500)
Kimberly Schroeder

Promise Award Scholarship ($2,500 - $5,000) 
Regan Buck
Amari Kimble
Megan Pearson
Emma Robertson
Carrie Santore
Dalton Tolliver
Warren Varney

Scharnhorst Scholarship ($750) 
Victoria Gregory
David Todd Hakanson
Tember Hursh
Abraham Renaud
Monique White

Standard Process, INC. Scholarship ($2,000) 
Tember Hursh
Jennifer Kim
Chloe Tillman

The Loomis Institute Scholarship Award for Viscero-Somatic Studies (Conference package)
Daniel Michael

Tracey Parmentar Scholarship ($1,000) 
Monique White

Gretchen Schreffler, DC: 100 years and counting...

Logan University recognizes October 1943 Logan graduate Gretchen Schreffler, DC, who on this day—May 1—is celebrating her 100th birthday. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Dr. Schreffler!
She recalls some of her patients driving more than 120 miles to get an adjustment.

"I told them, ‘You know there are other chiropractors between us that would be closer,’ but they didn’t care."

That kind of loyalty speaks volumes of Dr. Gretchen Schreffler’s profiency and service as a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic, a position she held for more 34 years. Looking back, she said it’s difficult to pick just one memorable moment; she’s had thousands.

"I found such joy and satisfaction in helping people—children, parents, grandparents, all of them."

For Dr. Schreffler, those moments have lasted more than just her time in the clinic. They’ve had a residual effect. While she no longer keeps office hours, she routinely runs into former patients and their families who are always anxious to tell Dr. Schreffler how they are doing.

Much of Dr. Schreffler’s life has been devoted to chiropractic and Logan in some way ... whether it was working as Logan’s assistant registrar, caring for patients, or serving on Logan’s Board of Trustees in the late 1970s, a time of transformation for the profession.

"Chiropractic was really developing, and we were helping lay the groundwork," she said. "It was inspiring to be in the foothills of the profession and watching Logan really take off."

For 19 years, she sat on Logan’s Board, and continued to make visits to Logan’s campus until the age of 95. Over the years, she’s been named Logan’s Alumnus of the Year, Distinguished Woman of the Year in Iowa City, and American Businesswoman of the Year, among other awards and accolades. As just as patients were loyal to Dr. Schreffler, Dr. Schreffler has been loyal to Logan and grateful for the gift of education as well as the ability to practice chiropractic.

"I did it because it was something I enjoyed doing," she said. "When I look back, I think of all the patients. There were an awful lot of patients."

Logan faculty members Drs. Ralph Barrale, Ralph Filson and Roy Hilgartner are creating a scholarship in Dr. Gretchen Schreffler’s name. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Dr. Barrale at

Logan's Online Master's in Nutrition Named a Top Program

Logan University's online Master's Degree in Nutrition was recently recognized by The site compiled a list of the best online nutrition degrees and Logan was one of 13 schools named in the rankings.

Graduates from Logan's Nutrition program are prepared to:
• Assess and design nutritional plans to maximize human performance. 
• Manage nutrition programs and content of health and corporate wellness programs.
• Assess, diagnose and manage health and performance related nutrition issues in clinical, performance, and university settings. 
• Provide clinical nutrition expertise as an integral member of a team-based healthcare system.
• Graduates are qualified to sit for independent certification exams.

Academic Advisor Availability - April 27th through May 8th

In order to better serve students, specific times and days have been scheduled for academic advisors to be available to help students prepare class schedules for the 2015 summer trimester. Students requiring a master’s, bachelor’s or mixed DC schedule must make an appointment with their advisor to register for classes. You may schedule an appointment by signing the posted signup sheet on your advisor’s office door or by emailing or calling your advisor.

Logan Adds Academic Success Coaches

The department of Academic Affairs is excited to announce the creation of two new positions. Academic Success Coaches (ASC) will work with students from matriculation to graduation with the primary goal being student success. Each Logan University student will be assigned an ASC. The ASC will help students track their academic progress, identify resources available to maximize student success and help coach students on different ways to overcome obstacles that may impede the achievement of their goals. Current students already assigned to a faculty academic advisor may elect to continue with their academic advisor from their current program through graduation, provided they continue to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Your ASC will help you make that determination.
Anna Schowalter, MAT, has accepted the position of ASC for the College of Chiropractic and Casey Bryzeal has accepted the position of ASC for the College of Health Sciences. Anna began her duties on March 26, 2015 and Casey will begin her duties on April 20, 2015.
Anna holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Marketing and Management with minors in German and Management Information Systems from St. Louis University. Prior to her employment at Logan, Anna worked as a mathematics teacher and tutor. She has been with Logan University since 2013 where she assisted the Purchasing Department and helped coordinate graduation and the awards ceremonies. Anna will represent Logan University as a MQA Examiner for the Excellence in Missouri Foundation and will play a key role in our continuous quality improvement efforts. Anna’s office is in Office 269. She will be reaching out to each of her students to introduce herself over the next few weeks. She can be reached by email at and her office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 3:30pm.

Casey holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, with an emphasis in Public Relations, and a minor in Management.  Casey has been employed by Logan University for the past five years and has held positions in Public Relations, the Montgomery Health Center and the Human Performance Center, as well as working with the students in the Master of Science degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. Casey’s office is in S104. Casey will also be reaching out to each of her students to introduce herself over the next few weeks. She can be reached by email at and her office hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 7:00pm.