Meet Our Students

  Meet Katie, an Accelerated Science Program to Doctor of Chiropractic student. 

Hometown: Milford, OH
Undergraduate Institution: Heidelberg University
Why the Accelerated Science Program? It allowed me to get settled in Chesterfield and at Logan. I didn't know anyone coming out here, so I met new people and made new friends. 

Meet Tyler, a dual-degree Doctor of Chiropractic and Master's student.

Undergraduate Institution: University of Utah
Favorite Class at Logan: Gross & Neuro Anatomy
Best Thing About St. Louis: St. Louis Cardinals Baseball
Extracurricular Activities: Climbing, Hiking, Skiing
Favorite Spot on Campus: Anatomy Lab
Advice to Future Students: Study hard and be grateful for your education. It's not about the grades, but about what you learn while you're here. 

Meet Anthony, a dual-degree Doctor of Chiropractic and Master's student.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Best Class at Logan: Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.
Extracurricular Activities: Kettlebell training, Running
Best Part About Logan: The faculty and the campus. The faculty are incredibly generous with their time and truly care about their students' success. The campus is gorgeous. I couldn't have picked a better school.
Favorite Part of St. Louis: St. Louis Cardinals baseball games. The city comes to life.
Best Place to Study on Campus: I love to be active while I study, so either taking a walk on campus or in our rec center.

Meet Lauren, a Doctor of Chiropractic student.

Hometown: Celestine, IN
Undergraduate Institution: Indiana University
Campus Activities: Student American Chiropractic Association, Student Doctors' Council Student Services Representative, Wellness Club, Chiro Games Sand Volleyball Team, Intramurals
Favorite Class: Diversified Adjusting Lab
Plans After Graduation: Join a Family Wellness Practice
What Would You Say to Future Students? Don't get caught up in strictly schoolwork. Get involved in clubs and extracurricular activities and take time out of your busy schedule.

Meet Jeff, an Accelerated Science Program turned Doctor of Chiropractic student.

Hometown: Northampton, PA
Undergraduate Institution: University of New Hampshire, BS in Life Sciences from Logan
Campus Activities: Class President, SACA, Sports Council, Wellness Club, Focus Group for Logan 2022
Favorite Class: Gross Anatomy 
Plans After Graduation: To practice and educate athletes of all ages and skill levels, whether it be as a team chiropractor or in my own practice.
Advice for Future Students: Step outside your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunities Logan has to offer both in the classroom and socially. Grow as an individual!