Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation

Advanced training is essential for professionals planning to work with athletes. A specialized advanced degree at the master's level will set practitioners apart from their peers. This program will also prepare graduates for opportunities in research and teaching.

Logan offers a unique opportunity for students to work with current athletes in the St. Louis metropolitan area and outlying regions. Throughout the program, students will be able to take advantage of numerous opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary clinical settings with professional, collegiate and high school sports teams. The BIOFREEZE® Human Performance Center, located on Logan's campus, is specially designed to treat athletic injuries.

Concurrent MS/DC Degree Programs

The dual-degree educational pathway allows students to entering the Doctor of Chiropractic Program to complete a portion of their master’s degree requirements while completing their doctoral studies.

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Hybrid Online Format

Students come from a variety of different regions and healthcare backgrounds.  Therefore, Logan has created a hybrid online format to attract both practicing healthcare professionals and students looking for flexibility. Our faculty share class lectures with students online so they may study from home or while in practice. Logan schedules the hands-on campus instruction in a format that honors distant learners’ time and travel investments. 

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Clinical Internships

Students will be aided in selecting possible sites for their Internship work, which must provide them with experience in one or more of the following study or treatment areas: anatomy/biomechanics, exercise programming/physiology, aging/human development, risk factors/pathophysiology, human behavior/psychology, health appraisal/fitness testing, safety/injury prevention/emergency care, nutrition/weight management and electrocardiography. Logan has placed students with university athletic programs, ranging from the community college to the Division I level, and select internships with prestigious health care organizations.  Students may also arrange their own clinical internship course in an approved designated program with licensed health care providers such as a DC, MD, DO, etc.

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