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Faculty Senate

The Logan Faculty Senate meets once per month to relay current issues and events occurring at Logan that may affect all or part of the Logan faculty. There is an executive committee consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member-at-large that provide an agenda for the monthly meetings. There are a number of committee appointments that are selected by this senate as well. Faculty representation occurs at all levels of the institution assisting the Board of Trustees, administration and the students in the governance and success of Logan.

Communication throughout the institution is one of the many services the Faculty Senate provides. The Sentate invites representatives from the Board of Trustees and administration to provide updates about important issues that may directly or indirectly involve faculty members. The Senate also invites guest speakers to meetings to provide information about a variety of different topics. Minutes are taken at each meeting.

In addition to monthly meetings, the Faculty Senate provides faculty development workshops on a regular basis. These workshops are made available in different formats allowing faculty to view these programs at any time.

Faculty are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings, ask questions and provide additional information on all subjects relevant to the institution.

Faculty Senate Officers
Patrick Montgomery, DC, MS, FASA President 
David Nafar, MS Vice President 
Donna Mannello, DC Treasurer
Mary Unger-Boyd, DC, DICS, CACCP Member-at-Large
Sarah Luderer, PhD Secretary

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