Doctor of Chiropractic
Clinical Opportunities

At Logan University, students receive extensive clinical training through the Logan University Chiropractic Health Centers. Student interns and residents, under direct supervision of our teaching clinicians, are well-trained in chiropractic techniques. Patients receive chiropractic care for conditions that range from back and neck problems to complaints of headache, allergies, injuries and a variety of conditions affecting the quality of life. More than 60,000 patient visits are recorded annually at Logan’s health centers.

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center gives students the opportunity to gain valuable clinical experience. The Center is designed to simulate actual clinical patient encounters for learning and assessments. From Trimesters 1-10 in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program, as well as throughout the master's degree programs, students have the opportunity to work with one another and with standardized patients trained to simulate real patients with specific conditions. The multidisciplinary learning environment of Logan’s Assessment Center enables students to become more proficient in all areas of patient care as they proceed into and through the Logan clinic system.


In Trimester Seven, students enter into the Student Clinic where they begin their journey to treat patients. Here they treat other students and members of their families under the supervision of faculty clinicians who guide students through the process of treating patients. 

In Trimester Eight, students enter one of Logan’s five outpatient health centers.  This is where students become interns and treat members of the public under the supervision of faculty clinicians.  Interns also participate in rotations at a variety of community health centers offering chiropractic care to a diversity of audiences including veterans, the homeless and underinsured populations. 


Logan University offers a unique experience to Doctor of Chiropractic students in their last trimester of education. The Preceptor program allows a student who has completed all of their clinical and educational requirements to leave the campus and work with a chiropractor in the field.  This program enables students to work within a clinical atmosphere outside the campus setting. Students who participate in this portion of the curriculum are able to gain real-world experience while determining where they might want to practice. 

Department of Radiology

Logan interns often use the Department of Radiology in conjunction with patient care.  The Department of Radiology is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care by employing safe, comfortable, cost effective and high quality diagnostic imaging services. The department's mission supports the broader mission of Logan University, which is to provide quality education in chiropractic care through practice, education and research. 

After graduation, opportunities are available for Doctors of Chiropractic to participate in a residency program. The purpose of the program is to present an organized course of study in the field of Diagnostic Imaging for the Chiropractic Physician. The program is a three calendar year on-campus academic residency program. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, the resident is eligible to sit for the examination by the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology (DABCR).

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